The Krative Sprout Program is a fast paced, challenging and collaborative internship program designed around personal growth.


What is it?

An internship program focused on three simple values: Play, Learn, and Grow.


Curiosity, Collaboration, and Exploration

It's no secret how quickly children learn. Every day they observe the world around them with open eyes and open minds. At Krative, we believe this process should never stop. We must do the same, always keeping our minds open to new perspectives and experiences. We know the value of getting our hands dirty for a fresh approach to each challenge we take on.

In the Sprout Program we place a high value on engaging our curiosities in an environment where we feel as though we are playing. By collaborating with our friendly team, we explore new opportunities whether it's an internal project for Krative, a client's project, or just for fun!


Technical and Interpersonal Skills

Through PLAY we continue to experience and understand our world around us, as well as our own strengths. It is how we LEARN to identify and develop our strengths while refining and expanding upon our core abilities.

As our Sprouts build their technical and interpersonal skill-sets, they not only become a more well-rounded individual, but one with distinct specializations only they can offer to the world.


Holistic Individualized Growth

With a specialized, personalized and holistic combination of PLAYing and LEARNing, we begin to develop who we are as an individual. We grow to realize our own potential and how to achieve them. Having attained this, our Sprout is ready to take their newly refined sense of self into the world. Our Sprout will apply not only what they've learned, but also who they are, leaving a positive mark on our world.

"I learned more hands-on in the Sprout Program
about marketing than in most of my classes!"

- Jacqueline
Krative Sprout Graduate Feb. 2012 

The Sprout Program isn't for everyone.

This isn't your momma's internship. There are no pots of coffee to fill, envelopes to stuff, or random errands to run. If you are looking for an internship that you can coast through easily, this isn't it.

The Sprout Program is designed to foster leaders. It is for those who are up to the challenge of being themselves and building upon their strengths. We may not always do things the way you learned in school, but neither do most people "in the real world." In fact, we never really liked the saying "in the real world." It implies that what you're in now isn't the real world but instead a safe zone. But that's not what the Sprout Program is about; our interns work on real projects with real clients in real teams, all to receive very real experience.

And that's not enough for us either, oh no! We go even further and build upon who we are with those experiences. Always Playing, Learning & Growing.

This is the Sprout Program, and at Krative we are genuine people, having some major fun, making a serious difference. If you think you've got what it takes to be our next Sprout, then prove it and Apply Today.


Got what it takes?